Nearly two weeks have passed since my last post on blogspot. Not to fear–I’ll catch you up!

Last week, the sickness that plagued me circa week no. 6 returned. It failed to produce anything pretty. My psyche has begun to rebuild itself. Truthfully, continuously feeling rotten can bring you down to a low, dark, and sad lil’ existence. Yes, I’m overjoyed to know that Baby Teeter is developing his/her teeny body inside mine; however, feeling like the only friend you have is a bed or couch to rest upon reminds you of your new lack of self-control. I became hermit-esque in behavior whilst knowing a light had to be flickering somewhere yonder.

I think I’ve found the light. Or at least I’ve experienced the radiating warmth of the light because better days appear to be in store. This week, I’ve felt delightful. No sudden, random requests for classroom coverage so I can visit with the commode. Food is gradually regaining it’s lust-worthy appeal. So much so I ate two hamburgers last week. Whaaaat?

(FYI: I’ve tried to remain true to a vegetarian lifestyle since 2003. The occasional slip is courtesy of local restaurants who offer chicken wings and the hot dog vendor @ a sporting event. Eating red meat, though, is a rare event to witness.)

As a hamburger entered my sight on Wednesday, I insisted Ryan share it. The following evening, I ordered one at dinner. No contemplating necessary. Strangely enough, I found myself engrossed in Skinny Bitch: Bun in the Oven during a visit to Barnes & Noble last Saturday. Strange? Read on.   Those familiar with the  Skinny Bitch series know that it preaches a vegan lifestyle & does not hesitate to saturate you with persuasive data. Because the hamburger choice led to a sad stomach in the a.m., the evidence in the book had a more poignant effect. I exited B&N eager to adopt a vegan lifestyle. Already refraining from drinking milk & not longing for cheese, I thought this idea wasn’t so absurd. With the necessary supplements in place, I thought I was on my way to providing the baby & my body with a healthier pregnancy.

The first 24 hours were quite manageable as I existed on guacamole & toast (by choice). Monday, however, left me hankering for a nutrigrain bar. The bloody bar contained milk! Salivating, even though I shunned the idea of eating it, I took a bite & didn’t stop. I later confessed that a vegan diet wasn’t sustainable at this time. As Ry acknowledged, my newly picky food tendencies dictate what I eat & if the item contains dairy, I have to dismiss the internal guilt I experience & just consume it so I can have some substance in my body. So long veganism–we’ll meet up in 2011.

On the “so long” note, it had been some time since I revisited the fondness I possess for A1, the steak sauce. As you may know, Mama Buroff-Teeter loves her condiments & often times, straight-up.  I hesitantly purchased it on Tuesday, thinking I might like it later in the pregnancy (and maybe I missed it since it hasn’t been in my immediate space for years). I’ll end this post by letting you know that it is now an empty bottle of A1 and I did not consume most of it as a condiment to compliment a dinner item. It’s better on it’s own.


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