I’m not drinking/I’m not fat

Despite Ryan playing Tiger Woods 2011 for 798370 minutes this evening, I can proclaim this weekend as “summer fun in the sun.” One highlight: meeting the Rileys (Allyson & Pat–friends of ours) @ Marge’s (best bar in Rochester). The beach access was dreamy, the ambiance was perfection, and my tonic water w/lime was refreshing. Speaking of tonic water w/lime, it bears a striking resemblance to a mixed drink.

(I have to pause for a moment–I’m now witnessing Ryan dancing in front of the television screen all because his brother-in-law bought a bluetooth headset & they can talk while playing Playstation. Cool.)

Ok, back to story. For those of you whom I haven’t seen recently–as in the past two weeks–my body is changing & it’s becoming more obvious that I’m prepping these child-bearing hips of mine to push out a newborn. No, it’s not protruding, but it’s a bump. And, in certain attire, it looks like every meal for me is Thanksgiving. So while drinking my tonic water, I wanted so badly to make an announcement to the fellow patrons. It would go something like this: “Hi there. No, my breakfast of choice is not a baker’s dozen of donuts. Turns out I’m pregnant. Thank you.” Then I’d recognize I had another point to make: “Oh, and this is not a gin & tonic or vodka tonic or vodka on the rocks. Nope, just tonic water. So, umm…cheers. Enjoy your evening.”

Although this announcement was never formally made, I forcefully made audible mentions of how great the tonic water is at Marge’s to quell any looks of suspicion.

Before I say “farewell,” I’d like to extend my Father’s Day greetings to all fathers & fathers-to-be (especially the handsome one prancing around my living room with a bluetooth in his ear). More personally, Happy Father’s Day, Senor Jeffe (soon to be Abuelo Jeffe and also known as my Dad—PS, Dad: I’m really jonesing to watch “Napoleon Dynamite”), Danny (my step-father), & Dennis (my father-in-law).

PS to you, the reader: Baby Teeter’s teeny ear bones are developing this week! Why the excitement? There’s a free Eddie Money concert on Thursday. Baby Teeter’s first concert that he/she will hear+ one of Mama Buroff-Teeter’s favorite singers = Yahtzee!


One thought on “I’m not drinking/I’m not fat

  1. Good morning sunshine!! I am pleased to hear that you were able to enjoy tonic water with lime. YUM! Speaking of Vodka, I had a bad experience at the wedding I went to last weekend. WAY TO MUCH VODKA! I can’t wait to see the Teeter Family in a couple of weeks. I am sure the baby bump has grown! You and Ryan are going to be such wonderful parents. I can’t wait to see you!! Have a good day!

    Aunt Emily (soon-to-be I should say)

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