It’s been a long time

Hello, again. Yes, I know…I went two weeks sans blogging. It won’t happen again (fingers crossed).

So, let’s start off fresh with another greeting: HELLO! I’m thrilled you’ve returned. I have much to share. My two-week absence can be chalked up to the end of the school year. At Rochester Prep, we like to put in as much as possible & school days are not excluded. The end of the school year arrives annually come July 1st. For me, this is super challenging. Not only because I adore summer & want to bask in its glory, but also because where I grew up, school’s end typically arrived in early June. Egads. I must say, though, that the end of the year actually introduced some fun into my teaching career! The structure of our school days sometimes leaves us with little time to enjoy the students, so the end of the year activities that commenced brought a lil’ warmth to my heart & enabled me to see my 7th graders as kids–such a refreshing moment!

Here’s some of the fun that was had:

  • Darien Lake (an amusement park that fails to rival Cedar Point): Amusement parks lack in charm & allure when you’re banned from riding all rides, even the antique cars.
  • Tie-dying/mini field day/chinese buffet lunch: The kids were totally enamored by this day! I’m totally glad my friend, Volpe, was able to help make this day a success. And free fried rice? Baby likey!
  • End of the year awards: Despite the silly categories (Most likely to eat Cheetos for breakfast), this one needed some umph. Perhaps the energy of the last day made this a tough one to sit through.

Most of the 7th graders learned I wasn’t just spurting a spare tire around my mid-section when I announced I was pregnant. Their responses were too cute & I was promised a baby shower next school year. Their journey to 8th grade may make them forget this promise. Should I be annoying and selfish and remind them weekly upon our return to Rochester Prep of their promise? Not my style, but I’m not saying “no” just yet. Students in other grades have been perpetuating the rumor of me bring pregnant. Why I am the target of their lunch table/bus ride discussions perplexes me; however, I simply confirm, when asked, that I am just especially fond of donuts (especially, especially fond of long johns with chocolate frosting). Keeps them guessing.

Our Tiny Teeter is still a lil’ bean baking in the womb. We’re currently at 17 weeks (add on a new week each Friday). On the 2nd, we visited Donna, my nurse midwife, & heard the Tiny Teeter’s booming heart! Because Tiny Teeter is the spawn of two active people, we speculate it was on the elliptical or practicing place kicking. Good Tiny Teeter. I’ve gained three pounds from my original start of 117 (which actually could mean I’ve gained 8 lbs considering I lost 5 at the start of my pregnancy courtesy of the hormone infiltration). I also received answers to some of my questions concerning exercise & my consumption of tonic water–Marya, even with the quinine, we’re ok!

My appetite is emerging & I’ve become a fan of dips. Not surprising, though, as nothing excites me more than dip parties! I love dips so much that I nearly consumed 2/3 of the taco dip I made yesterday. And when Liz shared her dip (some concoction of cheese and ranch with a lil’ zing!), I was an instant fan. Note to self: request a myriad of dips for baby shower.

What’s to come: picture of my bump, what’s enabled me to happily survive these past weeks, & a trip to Ohio for E’s wedding + family time with both sides of my family. Now you have something to eagerly anticipate & so do I.


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