With the heat rising here in Upstate NY, my fingers & toes have a knubby presence quite similar, sadly, to sausages (of a smaller variety). The high temps, coupled with a 1928 home unequipped with central AC, has moved us to Hotel Hillrise. This would be the residence of my in-laws & no, it’s not really a hotel. Thank heavens for them. They deserve multiple shouts of praise for simply being some of the best humans to exist, but their generosity is a god-send right now. Because of their hospitality, I’m now caught up on all of my fave Bravo shows & officially addicted to Top Chef: DC. Muah, muah, muah to the in-laws!

Today will be the day I’ll fondly recall as the day I saw my reflection & did a double-take. Wish I’d known, so I could, perhaps, style my hair instead of sporting the Britney Spears head-top bun. The double-take was the result of seeing myself as I unlocked my car & noticing the bump. Holy bump! I officially look pregnant, not just bloated. The timing of this is so perfect as Ry & I will be traveling to Ohio this Friday. I am ecstatic to parade about with Tiny Teeter! Heck, I’ll even welcome a belly rub or two.

What I’ll be doing for you: posting a picture of the bump and creating a list of what has helped me to persevere during the pregnancy thus far. You’ll get this pre-excursion to Ohio.

What I’d like for you to do for me: Send me recipes for dips. Please go easy on the dairy ingredients.


One thought on “Sausage

  1. Ok, the word sausage is not leaving such a good taste in my mouth right now! I am sitting in my hotel room while taking in the fabulous city of Chicago thinking about how excited I am to see the Teeter family when I return home. I will get right on the dip recipes and make sure that my fridge is stocked! Condiments and dips will be at your disposal my friend! Are you eating the dip by the spoonful or would you prefer a chip/cracker? I am jumping for joy right now! I could not be more excited for you and Ryan. The little one inside of you is going to have an amazing life. Well, friend, I mush tend to my duties in Chicago. Until next time…

    Auntie Emily

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