And we’re having…

A little girl as confirmed by the ultrasound technician! We had an ultrasound appointment on the 16th & Ry’s father came along, too. The other grandparents, plus a soon-to-be aunt, joined us from afar via cell phone as the technician revealed the baby’s sex. It could be that she’s of the modest variety (per my grandmother’s analysis) or she’s our lil’ trickster, for it took five minutes of poking & prodding to get her to uncross her legs to help us learn her sex. Such a lady in training.

Additional investigations indicated that Baby Girl Teeter is a healthy bean @ 5-6 inches in length & 1o oz (as of week 19). She’s certain to be the best addition to the Teeter family. Just look at her—-instant love courtesy of quasi-scary ultrasound photos. Knowing she’s not quite ready for her close-up, she chose to hide her face for the 3D images. Running from the paps, little one?

I am ecstatic, overjoyed, eager, and terribly frightened to raise Baby Girl Teeter. Help, please.


One thought on “And we’re having…

  1. These pics are so amazing! I can’t wait for the little bundle of joy to arrive. She is going to be spoiled! Have mentioned how much I love to shop for baby attire!? It is really becoming one of my many addictions. it is such an exciting time in your lives right now. Enjoy every moment. Thinking of you and your family! I hope that husband of yours is waiting on you hand and foot. Can’t wait to see you!

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