Having an impromptu wedding & working full-time in education (during the month of October) deterred us from scheduling a honeymoon when we married in 2008. With Baby Girl Teeter’s introduction into our lives, I knew this summer was the time to arrange the honeymoon that never was. Research & a deal from our friends @ Orbitz took us to San Juan, Puerto Rico last week. If you’re ever curious, I’ll share my sincerest thoughts on vacationing in San Juan or you can just log on to tripadvisor & see my personal review. Even though the trip did not exactly accommodate our preferred travel style (non-touristy, exploratory, frugal), we laughed throughout the trip & brought back some more memories to add to our arsenal of inside jokes.

One story is worth sharing as it could prevent you from experiencing a 17-hour stay @ JFK International. En route to PR, we had a layover @ JFK. When we exited our plan from ROC, we were told to go to gate B27. Off we go to gate 27 & await the call to board. After the search for some breakfast & coffee, I begin to fret over not hearing any notice regarding our flight—our boarding time had passed. Knowing that we were set for an on-time departure courtesy of an email from Orbitz, something didn’t seem right. Ha. Whatever it was that we were doing wasn’t right. Idiots—we weren’t @ B27. We scrambled in the direction of B27 & were stopped by the ticketing agent who informed us that we a) would need to take a shuttle to that gate & b) the plane was nearing the runway…without us. No worries, right? We’d just pay the fee to go on the next flight out. Well, that’s how it went down, but that flight didn’t depart until another 17 hours. Ha. Ha. Wait—there’s more. Our departure was furthered delayed due to inclement weather & a d-bag passenger who was unwilling to get off their cell phone. Oy vey.

What we captured while in PR:

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I failed to mention that it rained each day. No, not simple, measly sprinkles. Thank you, tropical depression.


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