NASCAR, home overhaul, & blogging

What a diversified entry according to the heading! You’re in for a treat!

This weekend I indulged my inner hillbilly by attending my first NASCAR event at Watkins Glen (1.5 hours south of Rochester). Oh my goodness–so enthralling on multiple levels! Let’s talk about the joys I experienced:

1. Seeing Dale Earnhardt Jr.—Swoonfest 2010. He’s been my longest love affair (now on its 10th year). Despite his less than impressive winning record (umm, I do believe it’s been nearly 80 races since his last win), I cannot stop my love. Here I am with a Dale Jr National Guard trailer:

Yes, he’s dreamy. Now here’s how I’d convince him to be mine:

2. Camping in a tent—All previous camping excursions involved an RV or cabin. I was psyched to use the tent we received for our wedding & I must say, this was super fun! Ryan cooked up some meals on our mini-grill which brought me back to tailgating at Bills’ games last year. We noshed on Hebrew National hot dogs–yes, I was deterred from my typical health-conscientious/sometimes vegetarian ways. Sadly, my favorite part of any meal, condiments, were left at the homestead. No fear–I scored some mustard from the people who owned our camping site for a $2 fetching fee (their little boy brought it back on his ATV & requested a payment for him & his buddy on the back). One tip when camping in a tent (probably an obvious one): air mattress. Enough said.

Overall, FANTASTIC time! Looking forward to making it a tradition.

With Baby Girl Teeter en route, some home-related items need tending. First item: our bathroom. I’d show you a ‘before’ photo, but egads! It’s rotten. In case you’re seeking a mental picture: there’s a robin-egg blue theme. We wanted to go the frugal route & we found some discounted items that Ry will be installing with assistance. Baby Girl Teeter will just LOVE baths in a tub that’s not 35 years old. Also on the home overhaul agenda: Baby Girl Teeter’s room. Here are some of our initial ideas:

1. Black & white patterns—Research has shown that babies are able to see only black & white patterns/images until their four month. They also tend to find these colors most stimulating. I’d say Ry & I like bold statements in our home (i.e. our green living room & yellow dining room), so we thought incorporating this into our lil’ tike’s room would be great for her & us! We found bedding that also incorporates this theme, so it looks like we have a start!

2. Green—We are looking to integrate hints of green–lime greenish–along with the B & W. No research to support this other than the idea that we both enjoy this color & we want to minimize Baby Girl Teeter’s intake of the color pink. Many people love pink & it’s link to all things girly, but I’m not as fond. Plus, I don’t technically subscribe to the idea of assigning certain colors with a particular gender. No offense intended toward those that love pink & believe pink is a “girl” color & please know that Baby Girl Teeter will appreciate pink & wear it on occasion.

If you see any nursery themes/patterns that catch your eye, please send them my way!

This entry’s final note: blogging. I am tremendously fond of blogging & I find pleasure in extracting my thoughts & posting them for you to read. I’m aspiring to continue blogging; however, I’d like your feedback on how to take this to a larger platform. I’m looking to expand my audience & eventually create dialogue among myself & my readers regarding my blog topics (so please promote this blog to those you think would be interested). It seems like other bloggers have paved their way through a niche whether it be food, health, etc. This is where I need you for real–what’s my niche? Help me identify it. Is it enough to chronicle my path into motherhood & beyond? Please leave a comment or email with feedback because

1) it will be read (props to Auntie Emily, D, & Kim for commenting + sending tum-tastic dip recipes per my last request),

2) I want to take this as far as it will go & for that to happen, I need you :), and

3) I secretly yearn for comments. I feel like people are actually reading which brings me joy.


Raise your hand if…

You enjoy shopping! I’ll rest my arm & keep my hand down on this one.

I once enjoyed shopping. Filing through the racks at Marshall’s was something I happily claimed as a hobby. Ehh, I guess it’s still an activity I’d enjoy. But, why the change of heart? The belly!


The picture comes courtesy of an iphone in a dark room. Hence, the quality, but I do like how it creates the illusion of definition in my bicep 🙂

If more than two weeks have passed since our last interaction, can you say “growth?” Holy moses. Perhaps you now see why shopping is more complicated than before. I’m back to work–“so long” to the days of summery t-shirt dresses. Before the school year concluded in June, I purchased a few items in larger sizes, thinking these would be my go-to’s when dressing for the beginning of this year, too. Ha. Ha. Ha. Let’s be honest: one dress got as far as my shoulders, the other one would have ended in a busted zipper. My attempt to avoid the preggo section @ Target & Motherhood Maternity (still gives my shivers) has been thwarted. Well, slightly. I did find a black pair of something originating from the jeggings family at Marshall’s yesterday for $16! They button & have back pockets! This renewed my hope of avoiding maternity clothes. Light a candle & keep this hope alive on my behalf.