Raise your hand if…

You enjoy shopping! I’ll rest my arm & keep my hand down on this one.

I once enjoyed shopping. Filing through the racks at Marshall’s was something I happily claimed as a hobby. Ehh, I guess it’s still an activity I’d enjoy. But, why the change of heart? The belly!


The picture comes courtesy of an iphone in a dark room. Hence, the quality, but I do like how it creates the illusion of definition in my bicep 🙂

If more than two weeks have passed since our last interaction, can you say “growth?” Holy moses. Perhaps you now see why shopping is more complicated than before. I’m back to work–“so long” to the days of summery t-shirt dresses. Before the school year concluded in June, I purchased a few items in larger sizes, thinking these would be my go-to’s when dressing for the beginning of this year, too. Ha. Ha. Ha. Let’s be honest: one dress got as far as my shoulders, the other one would have ended in a busted zipper. My attempt to avoid the preggo section @ Target & Motherhood Maternity (still gives my shivers) has been thwarted. Well, slightly. I did find a black pair of something originating from the jeggings family at Marshall’s yesterday for $16! They button & have back pockets! This renewed my hope of avoiding maternity clothes. Light a candle & keep this hope alive on my behalf.


One thought on “Raise your hand if…

  1. Your sense of style is impeccable so whatever it is that you find will definitely fit your fancy! I love the picture and baby girl teeter and really starting to make a presence. It is a great thing that she is healthy and growing. Keep feeding her lots of hot sauce (compliments of Mr. B). Take care and I look forward to more pictures and updates. Counting down the days until I am an auntie!

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