NASCAR, home overhaul, & blogging

What a diversified entry according to the heading! You’re in for a treat!

This weekend I indulged my inner hillbilly by attending my first NASCAR event at Watkins Glen (1.5 hours south of Rochester). Oh my goodness–so enthralling on multiple levels! Let’s talk about the joys I experienced:

1. Seeing Dale Earnhardt Jr.—Swoonfest 2010. He’s been my longest love affair (now on its 10th year). Despite his less than impressive winning record (umm, I do believe it’s been nearly 80 races since his last win), I cannot stop my love. Here I am with a Dale Jr National Guard trailer:

Yes, he’s dreamy. Now here’s how I’d convince him to be mine:

2. Camping in a tent—All previous camping excursions involved an RV or cabin. I was psyched to use the tent we received for our wedding & I must say, this was super fun! Ryan cooked up some meals on our mini-grill which brought me back to tailgating at Bills’ games last year. We noshed on Hebrew National hot dogs–yes, I was deterred from my typical health-conscientious/sometimes vegetarian ways. Sadly, my favorite part of any meal, condiments, were left at the homestead. No fear–I scored some mustard from the people who owned our camping site for a $2 fetching fee (their little boy brought it back on his ATV & requested a payment for him & his buddy on the back). One tip when camping in a tent (probably an obvious one): air mattress. Enough said.

Overall, FANTASTIC time! Looking forward to making it a tradition.

With Baby Girl Teeter en route, some home-related items need tending. First item: our bathroom. I’d show you a ‘before’ photo, but egads! It’s rotten. In case you’re seeking a mental picture: there’s a robin-egg blue theme. We wanted to go the frugal route & we found some discounted items that Ry will be installing with assistance. Baby Girl Teeter will just LOVE baths in a tub that’s not 35 years old. Also on the home overhaul agenda: Baby Girl Teeter’s room. Here are some of our initial ideas:

1. Black & white patterns—Research has shown that babies are able to see only black & white patterns/images until their four month. They also tend to find these colors most stimulating. I’d say Ry & I like bold statements in our home (i.e. our green living room & yellow dining room), so we thought incorporating this into our lil’ tike’s room would be great for her & us! We found bedding that also incorporates this theme, so it looks like we have a start!

2. Green—We are looking to integrate hints of green–lime greenish–along with the B & W. No research to support this other than the idea that we both enjoy this color & we want to minimize Baby Girl Teeter’s intake of the color pink. Many people love pink & it’s link to all things girly, but I’m not as fond. Plus, I don’t technically subscribe to the idea of assigning certain colors with a particular gender. No offense intended toward those that love pink & believe pink is a “girl” color & please know that Baby Girl Teeter will appreciate pink & wear it on occasion.

If you see any nursery themes/patterns that catch your eye, please send them my way!

This entry’s final note: blogging. I am tremendously fond of blogging & I find pleasure in extracting my thoughts & posting them for you to read. I’m aspiring to continue blogging; however, I’d like your feedback on how to take this to a larger platform. I’m looking to expand my audience & eventually create dialogue among myself & my readers regarding my blog topics (so please promote this blog to those you think would be interested). It seems like other bloggers have paved their way through a niche whether it be food, health, etc. This is where I need you for real–what’s my niche? Help me identify it. Is it enough to chronicle my path into motherhood & beyond? Please leave a comment or email with feedback because

1) it will be read (props to Auntie Emily, D, & Kim for commenting + sending tum-tastic dip recipes per my last request),

2) I want to take this as far as it will go & for that to happen, I need you :), and

3) I secretly yearn for comments. I feel like people are actually reading which brings me joy.


2 thoughts on “NASCAR, home overhaul, & blogging

  1. Hmm, I am a little stumped on the continuation of your blog. I will get back to you if I have any ideas worth sharing that pop into my overloaded brain (with masters work and school starting…grr)! I am so happy that you guys had an eventful trip @ the Nascar race. I can’t say I have even been, but I guess I am up for anything. I will be the first to admit that anytime you throw a hotdog on a grill is convincing enough for me to attend! Take care and I look forward to hearing more about the renovation.

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