29.95 weeks

Tomorrow brings this rush of reality that will remind me that I will become a mother to a young, unsuspecting human. I will be 30 weeks preggers.




I don’t know why thinking about the next 10 weeks comes with a serving of reality that I’m struggling to digest. I keep thinking, “10 weeks. 10 weeks.” It might also be that we have 10 wks to prepare & we have some outfits & a thermometer to help us accommodate her needs.

We began birthing classes two weeks ago & I long for them each week. I love them. It’s partly our instructor–she’s a ball of sarcasm–and Ry’s eagerness to jump in when she solicits feedback from each mother’s “coach.” One thing I don’t like: seeing women in distress in the labor videos. The moaning and the shifting and the positions. Ick. I’m turned off even though our instructor reminds us of the prize that awaits. I do cry each time the baby is born on the video—you’d think I’d let her suggestion register.

Let’s talk about October. Let me be more general & release my fondness for autumn. FAVORITE part of the year. October is blissful–my birthday (which I share with my younger brother–fun fact), my anniversary (love you, hubster), & Halloween (nothing beckons me like a call to dress in costume). The bliss factor increases this year when I add in the celebrations being held in Lu’s honor! I’ll post details & photos after they occur.

And I’ll also post a belly pic!


2 thoughts on “29.95 weeks

  1. Oh how time flies. I can’t believe little Lucy will be welcomed into the world in just a short amount of time. It is such an exciting time… for me at least. I get to become an auntie twice in the same month!! I can’t wait! I am glad you are enjoying the birthing classes. I am sure the videos are quite detailed and slightly overwhelming. Things will be great. I hope you had a fabulous birthday and that you enjoyed your special treats from Ryan. I look forward to seeing the Teeter clan soon! Take care of yourself.


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