Tis the season to celebrate

My lack of posts corresponds with the hectic schedule we’ve been balancing since the start of October. This month has seen an increase in my responsibilities with my “other” career as my school’s high school placement coordinator. Tack that on to teaching two 7th grade Writing classes, continuously revising my curriculum (the perfectionist in me tends to prevail when I fully know that all the revising isn’t necessary), mentoring our writing fellow (my teaching replacement), and facilitating my other new bundle of joy, CIA–Compassion In Action (the community service initiative I developed for our 8th grade). F-U-N, right?

In addition to this madness, we’ve been consumed with celebrating (tough life). First, my birthday on the 1st wkd in October, then our 2 year anniversary, next was the Goodson wedding in Columbus, & last weekend was the Rochester shower for lil’ Lu. Here are some photos to showcase all the fun:


Those pretty red eyes of mine

Danielle & Mr. Ginn

The Goodsons!

Rochester Baby Shower Cake--it's the decal Lu will have on her bedroom wall

Some RH friends and my sister-in-law (on the right end), Meghan--also one of the fabulous hostesses

Julie--a hostess & dear friend of Sally (my MIL), yours truly, Sally, & Brownie--another friend of Sally

Not certain my cake cutting skills are up to par for this grandiose cake

And that’s how you celebrate, folks. We have sincerely enjoyed each of celebratory weekends. The wedding was simple and elegant, as was the shower. Speaking of the shower–we made out! Whoa. Each item we received was a welcomed delight into our lives–Lucy is already so thankful & feeling the love.

This weekend does not bring a stop to the fun. Oh no, no, no. My mom is hosting the Columbus Baby Shower that has the coolest theme: celebrity/Hollywood moms. I will give full credit to myself because, initially, this was met with many a raised eyebrow. Silly people. It’s Halloween weekend + who doesn’t love to indulge in some celebrity costume brew-ha-ha? The pictures will capture the hilarity of this event & I’ll be sure to share them with you.

As of tomorrow–6 weeks remain. Yikers. Pretty pumped to meet the little pumpkin.