Feeling low?

Visit The Home Depot. This is a serious recommendation. Those employees just love themselves a pregnant woman. Maybe a feminine woman is almost like a guest appearance in that store; however, the lady employees of THD are so quick to throw a compliment your way if you waddle through with a baby belly.

Moving on, we have 15 days to go! When people know this, they soon ask, “Are you ready?” Bad question to ask if you’re expecting a 2-5 word response from me. I’ll explain…

  • How can one ever be “ready” to push a small human through something even smaller?
  • Our second floor is serving as Ryan’s tool box as he dismantles the bathroom. He is deserving of a reward. I might even contact the local news station or place an announcement in the paper–his diligence is beyond mystifying. He’s been remodeling the bathroom for almost 4 weeks & has encountered a bevy of obstacles, yet none managed to deter him from this massive project. I’m so proud of him.
  • In conjunction with that last bullet point, Lucy’s room is somewhat chaotic. It’s not finished (we still need to buy & apply her wall decal), but I’m not going to fret. Checking out & evaluating my nursery was not my first objective as a small human; pretty sure all I cared to do was have a constant food supply, a clean diaper, someone to cuddle/adore me.
  • Also in conjunction with that second bullet point, many of her gifts & baby items are fixtures of our living room. With the second floor being in shambles, I am  not in a hurry to put them away.

There you go. I’d say we’re ready. We’re ready to love our little girl, give her plenty of kisses, and treat her like origami as we practice our swaddling techniques.

PS: Happy Thxgiving.


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