Switch it, change it, rearrange it

Blogging is kinda fun. It certainly helps to have something to write about.

I aspired to become a more frequent blogger; however, I realized that there are lulls in our life that don’t call for documentation. Or there are times that one event doesn’t necessarily call for a blog post.

So, I’ve come to decide upon a new blogging format that I think seems more sensible for a blog that chronicles the adventures of ┬álife with a baby. I will now have one post per week that will be titled as Lucy’s age in weeks. It will include thoughts, occurrences, and a photo or several from that week of her life. For example, she is currently in week 6 of her young life, so expect a post about all things Lu & her mother-in-training sometime this weekend, which will be titled…uh-huh…“6 weeks.”

Some possible topics for the upcoming post include cloth diapering, returning to the gym post-baby, visits from Rochester friends, and Lu’s first play date!



PS: Here are photos from a visit back in December when some of Ry’s friends returned home.


Eliz & Lu (Eliz is a natural with small beings. I was impressed.)

Lu & (awkwardly terrified) Uncle Wes

Lu & Uncle Mike

Obvious selection for the role of godfather


Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!

IBeaker after her bath
Happy family minus the screaming baby

A visit with Mimi

Has a hint if ornery in her


Totally the future face of Baby Gap

She's a gem

Hahahahaha. She looks like an Icelandic fisherman.

Super sweet

Change is a good thing

When you’re searching for a way to break down what’s going on around you, embrace a cliche saying or phrase.

Everything @ our household is immersed in newness. I think I like change–well, I like fresh starts and trying out things.

Here is what I am calmly accepting (calmly = huge keyword; without it, the acceptance might not occur):

  • Extra sheets in the bed–“Sheets” is code for burp cloths and swaddle blankets. The binky sometimes finds its way in there, too. Super romantic.
  • Slower starts to the day–I am most happy when it’s early in the morning & I have accomplished something. Some days, it needs to be something on my to-do list & other times, accomplishments can be simple, like making coffee & reading the paper or traveling to the gym. Lu’s schedule affords me the chance to get up and moving around 7 am, but–GEESCH–I’d rather sleep after visiting with her @ 1 am & 4 am. Accepting this challenges me the most simply because I get that feeling of a day being wasted when it starts after 10 am. Familiar with that feeling? It can do a number on your psyche & energy level for the day. And can I really be upset that my weekday mornings include my friends Kathie Lee & Hoda? I think not.
  • Wardrobe changes = Tons of laundry–Lu’s occasional* blow-outs & vomit traps on your back means 2-3 outfit changes for most household members and a heightened fondness for stain remover, along with our new washer/dryer set.
  • New friends–Peggy the ‘Pillar and The Singamajig would be writing on my wall nonstop if I continued my facebook profile. They’re, like, our new BFFs.

Listing the new additions to our lives could take on another blog post or two, but I’ll settle with this for now. More photos to come (yippee!).

*occasional really equates to frequent

“Can you believe you’re a mommy?”

That’s a frequently-asked question in my recent conversations with friends, family…even my mom.

One word that captures my most genuine thinking: “Kinda.”

I can’t quite settle with “yes” because this time last year, I adamantly objected ideas of reproducing–at least for five more years. My life was to be spent securing a dream-like career (not that I don’t enjoy my current occupation), drinking wine, sampling microbrews, hanging out with Ry, traveling freely when money and time afforded, and operating on a schedule that answered to no one.

And “no” isn’t completely honest, either. What many say would happen, did happen–some “motherly tendencies” gene flared up not long after Lucy’s arrival and I began to feel like I was made to love her the way I believe mothers should love their children. This, however, didn’t click immediately. When Lucy was released from the hospital, I constantly questioned how she had been released to two people who weren’t fully prepared to take on the needs of a newborn without first opening one of the books that was going to “teach” us what to do to be a parent. In other words, raising Lucy didn’t seem or feel natural to me the first two-three weeks we had her home. I experienced the baby blues in waves and longed for a return to normalcy. Lucy’s adorable presence made me smile and feel cozy on the insides, yet I grappled to fully embrace this new life.

So, I kinda can believe I am a mommy. Loving Lu is easy and the patience I had yet to achieve in life has found me during the times when the lil’ one just doesn’t know what she wants and it’s 2:47 a.m. Last night is when I think it all made sense. Ry was holding Lucy and we were all snuggled on the couch and my soul felt peaceful. Yes, becoming a mom was something unexpected, but feeling what I felt in my heart last night was raw and true–a feeling I think I was supposed to feel some time in my life.

Lu's first Christmas

Moving forward

I’m not a fan of my previous post which may sound strange, but in hindsight, it’s a tad too dramatic for me. I recognized this shortly after I completed the entry; I was left thinking, “Where do I go from here?” Although my demeanor is typically of the light-hearted variety, I vowed to have this blog be an extension of my truest self & I suppose that was accomplished with my last post (and all of my posts). The birth of Lu & her recovery from meconium aspiration was initially traumatic–it then transformed into a situation that evoked a new way of thinking as we witnessed her miraculous recovery in an unbelievably short span of time. “Miraculous” is cliche, yet totally relevant considering how bleakly the doctors originally projected her outcome.

To wrap this up, Lucy is a resilient person. Her presence is still something that shakes my core because I sometimes am beautifully baffled by knowing that I gave birth to such a strong-willed, perseverant spirit.

Lil' Lu on the day she came home