Moving forward

I’m not a fan of my previous post which may sound strange, but in hindsight, it’s a tad too dramatic for me. I recognized this shortly after I completed the entry; I was left thinking, “Where do I go from here?” Although my demeanor is typically of the light-hearted variety, I vowed to have this blog be an extension of my truest self & I suppose that was accomplished with my last post (and all of my posts). The birth of Lu & her recovery from meconium aspiration was initially traumatic–it then transformed into a situation that evoked a new way of thinking as we witnessed her miraculous recovery in an unbelievably short span of time. “Miraculous” is cliche, yet totally relevant considering how bleakly the doctors originally projected her outcome.

To wrap this up, Lucy is a resilient person. Her presence is still something that shakes my core because I sometimes am beautifully baffled by knowing that I gave birth to such a strong-willed, perseverant spirit.

Lil' Lu on the day she came home


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