Switch it, change it, rearrange it

Blogging is kinda fun. It certainly helps to have something to write about.

I aspired to become a more frequent blogger; however, I realized that there are lulls in our life that don’t call for documentation. Or there are times that one event doesn’t necessarily call for a blog post.

So, I’ve come to decide upon a new blogging format that I think seems more sensible for a blog that chronicles the adventures of  life with a baby. I will now have one post per week that will be titled as Lucy’s age in weeks. It will include thoughts, occurrences, and a photo or several from that week of her life. For example, she is currently in week 6 of her young life, so expect a post about all things Lu & her mother-in-training sometime this weekend, which will be titled…uh-huh…“6 weeks.”

Some possible topics for the upcoming post include cloth diapering, returning to the gym post-baby, visits from Rochester friends, and Lu’s first play date!



PS: Here are photos from a visit back in December when some of Ry’s friends returned home.


Eliz & Lu (Eliz is a natural with small beings. I was impressed.)

Lu & (awkwardly terrified) Uncle Wes

Lu & Uncle Mike

Obvious selection for the role of godfather


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