8 wks

First, a note to my daughter

Dearest Lu,

One half of you is made up by that man you scream at between 5-7 pm, nightly. I believe in my ability to select a suitable mate. I need you to believe the same. Your father willingly (and lovingly–even in the twilight) ensures you have a clean rear and works 50-60 hrs each week to provide you with multi-colored thingys that make ridiculous (perhaps, intolerable) noises. And for me to forego mentioning the purchase of your mac daddy stroller would just be wrong.

Please appease me by smiling or cutely cooing at least once an hour when he is home.




Hippy Hippy Shake

  • She has symmetrical hips, just asymmetric fat rolls. All that fuss for an extra roll of flab.

Lenten Season

  • A good friend perfectly framed my way of life (the part where I try to nix certain items out of it) as being a year-round version of lent. Good one. Still sticking to a mostly vegetarian diet & still loving cheese (feta’s my current go-to cheese treat + I happily own my choice to splurge on organic cottage cheese on an outing to Wegmans) & still choosing not to categorize my eating habits with such rigidity. What does that equal? A happy girl.

  • Basic–BASIC–cable is still on at our home. If you’ve kept up with this blog since it’s origination or you’re a dear friend, you won’t be surprised to know that we still have cable just so we can watch…the Daytona 500 (I can hear the engines starting now!). Our tradition of watching Daytona all began during one of Ry’s visit to Arizona (that trip ended with a new beer pong table–NASCAR can be inspirational) & we ain’t about to stop watchin’ it now. Bring on the trash plates, cut-off shirts & denim, & PBR in a can.


You’re so vain

  • That’s partly true. Ok, it’s really true. I can’t mask my vanity. Stop judging. Why is this a potential problem? Blame the hemangioma (google it) docking on Lu’s head. It appeared around week 3 and is flourishing. Doctor B assures me it will be a thing of the past around year 4 when it outgrows its blood source. I agree that this should not be even a minor concern because it offers no serious medical implications, but it has posed me with a teeny conflict: to cover or not cover. No lie, this is something I ponder during quiet moments. The hemangioma is a teachable moment, I (attempt to)convince myself. “Lu, your imperfections make you perfect.” Is this something you can say to a small child? Or would we go with, “That’s where the angels kissed you”? What happens when the pint-sized petri dishes make fun of it on the playground? Ahhh! Covering it would keep questions & stares at bay, but what emotional damage might we be increasing if she ever learns that we’re trying to mask a part of her? Right now, it’s out & about…free for all inquiries and concern from others.


  • Valentine’s Day is not celebrated here because we show love all year round (haha). Seriously, though, we don’t celebrate it because there’s actually a bigger holiday (haha, again) that day–Ry’s birthday. However, this year, we mutually agreed to be especially loving on Feb. 13 and announced that date as our Valentine’s Day. Ry outdid himself by presenting me with two vases of tulips, whipping up breakfast, & cracking open the bubbly for morning mimosas. That night, we celebrated Ry with his family; the celebrating continued with sushi on 2/14 @ our favorite japanese restaurant.

Boston Creme Cake

Lu with Gramps T

Last time you'll let your parents consult your wife for birthday present ideas. Cheers to white t's free of yellow pits!

What’s next?

I’m so behind. Lu’s 9th week just passed…I’ll be back soon to share those goodies. Until then–Go 88! Dale JR 4EVA!


One thought on “8 wks

  1. Ashley,
    As you and everyone else is aware, I have my birthmark on the side of my face. I do not remember being teased as a child. Joy told me nothing about it – it was just a part of me. During student teaching was the first time I had to come up with something to explain it to the inquiring eyes of first graders. That’s when I said that it’s where the angels kissed me! Lucy is beautiful and she won’t even be aware of it. It is a part of her and luckily, it will go away!

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