9 wks

“Lucy likes it…”

“Rockabye Baby” & “Hush, Little Baby” —Lucy thinks these are so passe. What does this baby want sung to her in the wee hours of the night? Only classics like “I Like It” by Enrique Iglesias and “Baby” by the J. Biebs.

Great pop lyric feature–they can be personally tailored to suit what appeals to you. What appeals to Lu? Her name, the names of pets, & dope beats.

Our version of “I Like It” is called “Lucy Likes It” and goes like this: Don’t stop Guin-Pin, don’t stop Guin-Pin/Just keep on shaking your butt/Don’t stop Lucy, don’t stop Lucy/Until you get enough


Lucky number? No. Well, maybe. That would be the number of pounds I have to lose until I’m at pre-preggers weight. And the weight loss is moving rather slowly. Maybe I held on too dearly to the claims that breast-feeding would do the trick {rats!}. I make it to the gym, but I’m deprived of motivation. I found motivation when I saw a friend from school @ a Cardio Kick class; it brought me back to trips to the Y in PHX with friends (I miss little memories like that–they’re rare in Upstate). So, I learned of her workout schedule & planned to join her. Alas, my Bellagio Fountains & Lu’s hunger dictate my workout schedule and it’s not very flexible. I make it out when I can which is averaging 2.5 times a week. Spring, you shall be my inspiration. Get here now.

Alright, folks. We’re now on week 10. 2 1/2 months…wowza!



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