Back to blogging!

hi, everyone!

yes, the title of the post is true! you are reading a new blog post…and it’s one that promises more blogging action! 

not that there hasn’t been a reason to blog – it’s just that there is more of a reason to do it because, friends, the womb is occupied! welcome to cheeks of rose and tiny toes: round 2!

as our party of three grows to a party of four, there will undoubtedly be a bevy of story-sharing coming from this end.

how about i begin this new series with this treasure: teeter tot #2 is a saboteur.

with the approach of week five came nausea. intense. debilitating. painful. wrecking. lucy’s initial fetal development brought trouble and pain to me, as well. however, with the onset of this bout came the most overwhelming sense of desperation & helplessness.

i spent days in bed or on the couch [and luckily, i was afforded such an opportunity because of summer vacation]. i did everything to avoid the kitchen. i don’t think i stepped foot inside in from mid-july to mid-august.

when you can’t move for fear of vomiting, you become entrenched in your personal pity party. tears were shed, in person & in front of ry: “but, i can’t do anything…i just want this to pass…this is the worst…it never gets better…you might have a rough go at work, but you get to come home and experience relief; i get NO RELIEF…wahhhhhh.”

with my return to work, i did nothing to disguise how rotten i felt. i was shameless with my display because the only feeling that mattered was the one that rarely came, yet with it came the most zen: stillness. like nothing was troubling my body and my mind was fresh of worry. so, i propped myself against any standing wall when conversing with others, put my head down upon my desk, and took mini naps on the cot in the nurse’s office [kinda gross, right?]. again, none of this mattered. if i had to proceed through the day, i had to make it work any way i saw fit. 

with pregnancy – part I, relief did arrive and it greeted me right around week 16 [as my neighbor had projected it would]. week 16, part deux, starts tomorrow and i can’t say that this nausea bit has chosen to end itself and its insanity. surely, life is tolerable again & i can function; this came about 4 weeks ago. the occasional brushing of teeth can bring me down, but i’m better able to prevent such an occurrence with a little trick called “timing”. and another trick is eating all the time. no exaggeration – i eat nearly once an hour. if i don’t eat frequently, i jeopardize my stability. 

one component of this pregnancy is being able to only stomach certain foods while needing to extremely distance myself from others. some of the fare i love [MACARONI & CHEESE–double gag, mexican, japanese, salads], i don’t enjoy eating or smelling or seeing. if i do have some variation, i must carefully select the ingredients to avoid an encounter with the porcelain piece situated within the bathroom. 

oh, teeter-tot-in-the-making, do talk to mommy’s hormones & help them to understand the need for me to move on. we have lots to do to prepare for your arrival [we cannot wait!]. be a good tot, ok?


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