in august, lu immediately recognized how much fun came from bouncing. be it a bounce house, a mini trampoline with some assistance, or a couch – an addiction to bouncing was slowly developing.

then, the dare-devil tactics rose to the next level: she independently began front rolls.

huh? where did she acquire this skill at 1.8 years?

a decision was made to seek out a toddler gymnastics class. with some research and a few calls, we soon learned we had received a spot in a parent-child class. ry and i were pumped and a trip to target was made to locate the right “gymnastics” attire.

so came the first class and along with it: tears. the gym is situated within a monstrous warehouse and [without exaggeration] has hundreds of activities. however, 1/3 of the activities for that session included the use of carpet squares. hmmm. foam pit vs. carpet squares. trampoline tracks vs. carpet squares. i think we can agree on what is more enticing to us; that doubly applies to an almost two year old. when lu & i were instructed to engage in the organized activities, she wasn’t able to understand. tears flowed.



here, i’m coaching her to embrace the squares. GIANT fail.

the most traumatic experience came when i was forcing her to do the activities. here is lulu practicing log rolls:


[thank you to the photographer for permanently sealing these memories for a lifetime]

the tears – although certainly shed – ceased upon the release to free time. when free time began and daddy hit the floor, lu found love with flying.





lucy totally found love in [what she deemed to be] a hopeless place.

since the first session, lu has learned to accept the structured time and to give tremendous credit to the gym, they always manage to incorporate something new into this time or implement a range of varied activities. lucy reallllllllly loves it there. it seems she knows when the week is concluding because we start fielding questions about “nastics.” and when saturday arrives, lucy is super stoked.

“nastics” was/is certainly worth the time and fee. now that more smiles accompany her into each session, i’ll be sure to capture these as she enters her last class. and then we start with session #2!



6 thoughts on ““nastics!”

    • thank you, aunt lisa for both compliments! loving lucy can be quite easy, but i know there are times when i wish the super nanny could pop in & guide me with this parenting schtick.

      another big thank you for the adorable outfits & fun halloween attire! lucy is OBSESSED with her “monstah mash”! a phone call will be coming your way soon!


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