bummed about a bum bum

diaper rash has taken residency of the toosh of our best girl.

when the two-week mark had passed and it seemed we didn’t have the solution in our medicine cabinet, a trip to the doctor was arranged. our doctor suggested the rash was correlated with a possible food allergy, so the BRAT [banana, rice, apple, toast] diet went into effect alongside applications of cortisone. her patience has been beyond tested–lucy loves food. initially, we hid our food from her because of the moments when she caught us eating “normal” fare, she beggggggggggggggggged for a helping and maybe even cried a bit. mer. so sad.

she adopted the diet & especially favored the inclusion of white grape juice. the diet & cortisone regiment has been diligently followed; however, the rash has crept into new crevices and seems to like its new home on lu’s bummy. another call to the doctor & we’re now advised to incorporate an anti-fungal cream in lieu of cortisone. lots of “no diaper time” has also been recommended. funnily, the last time we tried this, lucy dropped a freshie in her crib & proceeded to clean herself and the mess using a new package of  wipes. and strangely, the lil’ nugget she released was never found. the sans-diaper procedure is being tried again this evening [which could lead to a “ruh roh, part II” post in the near future].

as a result of this sensitive time, i’ve taken a new interest and connected with my inner Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, to learn how to make my own wipe solution. we thought about using cloth wipes when we committed to cloth diapers before i delivered our babe. the idea never made its way into fruition. now i keep thinking about how i can keep this interest and practice growing for lu’s sake, as well as for the incoming teeter-tot. if ever the thought strikes you and you want to engage in the same research, i have found b-ecochic.com to be quite useful.

until next time [and more positive news], here are happier moments from summertime:




2 thoughts on “bummed about a bum bum

  1. Oh Lu! Your poor little bum. I feel so bad. Diaper rash/bum rash is no fun at all. Your smile is contagious! Take care of yourself little LuLu!!
    Auntie Em

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