the hunger games

as previously noted, food has been the root of good & evil in my recent months.

through about week 17, it was pure evil, yet there were occasional bright spots when food cameo-ed as a friend. around week 6, i managed to devour an entire ultimate feast from red lobster. i found myself really enjoying a trip to james brown’s for the sake of sausage gravy & biscuits. i strangely thought a run for the border was what my appetite summoned; however, i was so wrong.

one undeniable feature of my pregnancy diet: MEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAT. oh, yeah. nearly every day. in some form – normally via my school’s lunch [not always a bad thing]. it’s not something i crave; it’s mostly something that i have welcomed without objection.

my meat consumption led me to think i was carrying a caveman-the hairy, leopard-print wearing, snorting, & grunting variety.

most recently i was asked about cravings. aside from steak fries with ranch, grapefruit juice, & the olive garden, i’ve experienced cravings to a much smaller extent than compared with round #1. i’d say i have more experience with fixations: i’ll get stuck on something that i must have. i’ll have it & the fixation fades, with the food likely ending up on the “i don’t really want to eat that again” list [minus sour cream potatoes–oh my gosh, i really can’t wait for the thanksgiving holiday].

it seems that it’s easier to identify everything i don’t want to eat vs. what i do. i don’t want fish. i don’t want japanese. i don’t want nachos [i do, but it never seems right when they become mine]. i don’t want melon. the list probably extends for days, so i’ll stop.

eating is becoming easier and less of a torturous procedure. for that, i’ll celebrate jubilantly.

sippin’ on some non-alcoholic sizzyrup during the 2010 babymoon


3 thoughts on “the hunger games

  1. Bean burritos were one of my favorite things to eat when I was pregnant with Nolan. Taco goal is one of my many guilty pleasures!! Miss you!

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