he’s ((been)) here!!


it’s certainly past due, but it is with pure joy and love that i present to you baby finn!

born late march and one day before his due date, he’s a gem whose presence we’ve truly treasured from the start.

i, along with others, predicted an early arrival for the li’l man. why? well, i was huuuuuge. how huge? my own mother was struck with disbelief upon seeing my belly @ week 39.

the surprising size of my pregnant belly received frequent comments and gasps from the time I was noticeably pregnant. strangers would kindly admire my expanding womb and go on to inquire about my due date. upon hearing late march, jaws dropped. a common retort from the peanut gallery, “are you sure it’s not twins???”

i felt rotund, but could only really grasp the magnitude of my size when snapped in a picture.


my “finn pregnancy” differed tremendously from my “lucy pregnancy”. obviously noteworthy: the size of my belly. it was a marvel on this five-feet-two-inches frame of mine. each time i lathered it in moisturizer, i was mesmerized by how my body adapted – a true biological spectacle that was fascinating to witness day by day. because of my girth, general movements were only possible if i paired them with a dramatic grunt, a la Steffi Graff (at Wimbledon circa the early 90s).

another difference: we could NOT agree on a name for the li’l guy. naming lu was super easy and the name has fit her well since before we welcomed her.

to begin, i’ve only been attached to one male name. in between lu and finn, i was pregnant. my instincts informed me that i was carrying a boy and i began to feel attached to the idea that we’d welcome a boy we’d name jude. when i miscarried, i wasn’t able to get over my love for that name. i don’t think that was the case for ry. i can’t say with certainty what caused him to detach from that name – and it was one we mutually adored; however, we were tasked with jointly finding a new name that we could connect upon.

ry would actively create and propose lists of names for our li’l fella. and i, although i said i’d do the same, would instead critique the names he shared. there is something worth acknowledging when it comes to his perseverance because i was not an easy audience to please. i could not help it – every name made me think of something or someone that would lead me to not care for it. all of my rationale for why a name was being rejected made sense to me, yet to ryan, i was over-the-top. alas, we continued to come back to the idea of finn and eventually it became his name.

so, here we are with our finn, who makes us complete as a new party of four.