Pancakes & broccoli

In my previous post, I noted the new addition of the Baby Bullet¬†and the start of our journey into baby food making. Three weeks after the purchase, it remains in its unopened box. Huh? One key feature to being me is my obsession with figuring out the “best” way to do things {this topic will be expanded upon in my next post}–really, though, I just love immersing¬†myself in information. This is why Baby Bullet might be kept in a box until its next owners remove it. I came across an article on baby-led weaning. Instantly interested. Maybe intrigued and persuaded. The idea is that at 6 months {or when baby is able to self-support their head}, you can introduce solids–but solids in their original form, not pureed. The article led to a book which led to me convincing Ryan that it was worth a shot. And here’s why: the knowledge shared in the book made sense to me. Lu rejected our attempts at rice cereal and oatmeal. Several attempts with those items & the same response each time. She also grabs at anything I am eating; her interest in controlling her food is obvious. Above all, it seemed like a natural transition into eating, one that came without much fuss.

So far, Lu has sampled avocado, banana, broccoli, cucumber, pear, cantaloupe, and pancakes. At this stage, everything is mostly experimental. She’s being exposed to different textures & tastes–I think she likes it. We’re still mashing up some of her food because I anxiously sit on my chair, fearing she’ll choke. This makes me think that this idea, sometimes, is silly and that with its implementation comes a need for extra strength deodorant and some physical restraint.


Fork it over, Daddy-O



Breakfast: pancake + broccoli floret


Again, I think this works best for Lu. Our best gal is slightly impatient and has control issues {both acquired traits from her mother}, so this method of eating suits her style.

So much more to come–including the “mommy identity crisis” and trudging a no-judging-mommy zone. See you soon!