I lost count

Mmmm. Not really. You may have, though. Lu is exactly 5 months come Tuesday.

Lucy Bubbles

‘Where have you been?’ you ponder. I never left–just seems as though everything is on fast forward. Let’s see how I can catch you up…


The tot & I hopped in the car to trek on out to my home state of Ohio. What, under “normal” conditions, would’ve taken 6.5 hours took about 10. Looooooong. Lu did her best to withstand her car seat confinement. Being all too familiar with her previous bouts of severe disdain toward being placed in the car seat {screaming inconsolably and only increasing the volume whenever she heard my voice}, a large knot in my throat lingered as we coasted through state lines. I pimped out her car seat with an attached mirror, teethers x’s 789706, and a blanket trimmed with satin {she is totally her mother’s daughter here} whilst knowing it could all be in vain.

It was her first visit with most of my family. The babe was immediately covered with kisses & hugs. Although it happened later than I liked, having her meet everyone at this age was nearly perfect. She’s an animated lil’ bean with a knack for capturing your attention with her gummy grin.

Lu with her great aunt

Uncle Sam

My cherished friends: D, Chels, Em with the two of us

New friends: Ava & Lu


Uncle Troy

With Paw Paw

Bunny Day

When we returned, Ry was coming back from NOLA & it was time for Bunny Day. With his parents out of town, our day was pretty simple. Fun fact: it was this holiday last year when I learned I was carrying this lil’ dollop of joy. We stayed local & dressed Lu in some themed attire. We also tried rice cereal. The fun times can be found below.

Some thoughts on the side

Lately, I’ve been a body that houses a mind of dissonance. My astrological sign already heavily hinders me from making decisions & at this stage of my life, I’m almost unable to make a decision outside of anything routine. While plucking weeds today, I think I arrived at the possible catalyst of this. Having perfectionist tendencies, I allowed myself to become boggled with the idea of trying to make beyond perfect choices. With the new attention coming my way, I feel more vulnerable. And it doesn’t help my cause to be a person so fearful of failure. So after thinking about this & now typing it, I’m ready to start making some choices and learning to handle mistakes. Yes, life is moving fast, but most days I feel like a passive participant. Ahh–that was a cathartic release. Thank you for listening.

One final note: I got accepted to the MSW program that my career counselor, Lu, pushed me to consider. Cue: Mary Tyler Moore theme song ending–me turning about & tossing my hat up high while kicking one back. We’re gonna make it afterall.