6 wks

6 wks = 6 hrs?

This week introduced a whole new world to us: 6 hours of solid rest. On Monday, Lu decided to sleep blissfully from 10 pm-4:40 am (so, actually we almost had 7 hours). The excitement on my end came in hindsight–when I awoke naturally at 4:40, I recognized that Lu had not howled through the night. I nudged my sleeping husband to tip toe into her room to assure us she was ok. He not-so-eagerly complied & it was found that she was still snoozin’. The enthusiasm for that night carried into the following night, and the rest of the week, where we were not as lucky in the sleep department.

Work it

With 6 weeks bringing an official medical clearance to return to the gym, I wanted to attach myself to an eliptical & sweat in multiple group ex classes. I had visited the gym prior to my 6 week mark to walk on the treadmill (I tried to make it rigorous by doing a 12 incline and 3.4 speed). When I returned this week, my entire being was lifted to a level of elation–working out can alter my psyche tremendously.

I made it there three times & each time I said to myself, “You will run.” Running, although my least favorite exercise, is something I press myself to do because of the larger sense of accomplishment that comes after (can’t quite extract that from a Zumba class). Running is also on the agenda because I want to justify that a jogging stroller ($$$) is worth the purchase; I vividly imagine Lu & I running lakeside as the weather warms & it’s this vision that fuels my desire to own one. Plus, I want to run the 10k in July & possibly the 1/2 marathon in September. Annnd, I think this (coupled with strength training + a clean diet) will get my body back into a stronger state. “So,” you wonder, “did you run this week?” My answer: Hardly. I tried–oh, I tried–but I could not get into it. I’m forcing myself this week to do at least three miles twice. Maybe now that I’ve proclaimed this to a group of people, I’ll hold myself to it.

Cloth diapers

*Just a note: The choices and products I prefer are only because they are what I believe as best for myself. It is not my intent to diminish anyone’s opinions by sharing my own.

Ry & I came upon Luvaboos when we went to a massive yard sale put on by a local moms’ group. After being intrigued with the simple, eco-friendly items on display, we find our interest being particularly piqued by the cloth diapers. We heard the spiel regarding their recent advancements (not the cloth diaper you may be envisioning–quite evolved) and their benefits for consumers and our planet. I attended a class on the topic, sponsored by Luvaboos, & the decision was made to raise Lu in cloth diapers.

Through Luvaboos, we bought 14 diapers as a part of a trial which gave us a chance to sample different brands to find the ones we preferred. I postponed the start of this trial so Lu could gain some weight; unfortunately, some of the diapers we bought in XS were too snug. Because of this, 6 diapers were out of commission which meant it wasn’t cloth diapers 24-7 throughout the trial. Final verdict: we love them! We certainly are still trying to adjust the absorbency to decrease the frequency of her blow-outs becoming leak-outs & we aren’t on the same page when it comes to preferring the snaps over the velcro (my opinion: snaps-1, velcro-0). They may not be feasible for some. We are not doing a cloth diaper service that takes and cleans the diapers for us; rinsing out soiled diapers & gagging is a new normal. I used to think (and still on occasion do) that cleaning poo out of a diaper was foul, but I can do it when the moment asks demands.

Don't let the pout deceive you--Lu likes cloth diapers, too


We hosted two sets of guests: Marilyn & her daughter + Danielle & Jake.

Marilyn’s family has known the Teeter family before Ry entered the world. My fondness for Marilyn developed out of our attempt to cut the cake at my ROC shower. 

Here’s Marilyn with her daughter Kristen, Grammy Sally, & Lu:

Our other visitors, Danielle + Jake, came over from Columbus. D is one of my favorite people that I’ve known since our sorority days @ Witt. Memories abound when it comes to our friendship: 607/609, holey jeans, Kelleys Island, etc. Her husband, Jake, might be in the running for Top 10 Most Humorous people. I think everything he says is laughable and it makes me envious (I need to find out how his mind functions that way).

Being their first trip to ROC, we made the obligatory rounds to the Pittsford Wegmans & Dinosaur BBQ. We also had a night in on Friday that featured italian foods, the best red wine EVER: Sweedish Hill’s Svenska Red (if not socially frowned upon, I’d have a glass for breakfast), an episode of Wipeout, & Catchphrase. Here are some memories from their visit (so sad to see them off):


Is that their baby?

It's love

Still in love

Breakfast on the last day/Jake making Lu do something inappropriate

Tis the end of 6 weeks. Now in week 7, here’s what we have in store: giving up cable & dairy, Lu’s 8 wk appointment, and other goodies.

See you next week!


Lucy @ 7 wks--my best girl